Avalon Heritage

Studio Avalon hasn't existed for two years now. Sometimes little fragments of memories fall out of my computer---

This was a highly attended special - I'm sure there are many guests who remembers it wistfully...

Overnight special

When others are sleeping, you will tensely listen to the breaking silence that surrounds you.

You are tied up, carefully tied, helpless, controlled by the beautiful, cruel mistresses of the night.

Everything you dreamed of becomes an inexorable reality. No amount of begging, no whining, no excuse will help you.

You are overwhelmed by microsleep... After a short reprieve, you once again succumb to your wild, uninhibited fantasies.

Time is a powerful weapon.

The pitch-black silence gives you no answers and you lose yourself in your disorientation...

Do you hear someone coming or is it just your heart beating in your chest?

Suddenly you notice footsteps in the distance:

The metal heels of an approaching mistress' high heels hammer their impressive staccato into your head.

A soft, erotic voice announces to you with a smile the inevitable nasties that are about to happen to you.

Beautiful, cruel mistresses who take great pleasure in torturing you with devilish joy.

They tore you away from your everyday life, locked you away for a whole night to enjoy your pain and your whining...

Would you rather have stayed in your bed at home? No chance, otherwise you would have missed this experience!

Experience what it feels like to spend the night in a cell on a cot, locked in a cage or in the restriction box.

For latex fetishists, the studio offers a nice, large latex bed with multi-layer rubber.




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