A chapter is closed. The realm of Studio Avalon disappears in the mist.

The high priestesses are scattered all over the world.

They cannot deny their origins and  they will always be an Avalon Lady.

They are very special.

We had the honor of accompanying you for almost 23 years.

We were your contemplation, your escape, your pleasure.

Every rendezvous with you was dear, valuable and valued to us.

Shared moments and every encounter have left their mark on each of us.

For you maybe visible traces outside, but it was rather often the invisible fine volumes / wires,

the contemplation and the catharsis that left a deep,

honest feeling.

We thank you for your trust and your dedication with respect

and for your trust in us over all these years.

We are known beyond the borders and have significantly shaped the development and history of BDSM

culture in Germany.

We were visionary, trend-setting, trend-setting and leading.

And we say this with pride.

How lucky we are to have something what makes it so very difficult to say good bye.



But the story continues, somewhere, somehow.

Let´s wait what the future will bring. But one fact is crystal clear:

I sustain doing what I love the most: being a Dominatrix !


Still you continue to surprise me, on every occasion I discover new facets about human sexual behaviour and about your and my dark side.


I decide- you are obedient

I am strong – you are weak

I manipulate- there is no way to escape

I control you – you will follow

I will harm you – you will love it

Before you know it, you are in a transparent sling.


And where does it go from here?

Surrender yourself to me!